Saturday, April 6, 2013


From spirit to flesh to spirit
the pathway to God revealed.
Spirit enmeshed in a body
to our world was sealed.

Tomorrow Land is calling
to a far and better place.
We release you, oh our dear one,
but will always remember your face.

(c) Linda McGeary

From my novel TELLING TREE
soon to be published on Smashwords.
Working on sequel ONCE ON A BLUE MOON.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Draining The Rainbow

You promised!
You said you'd
Be there!

A friend for life...
Then you drowned
In a bottle,
Draining the rainbow.

(c) Linda McGeary

Monday, May 24, 2010


Love is a river,
calming and deep.

Love is a river
that doesn't sleep.

Broad and flowing
love moves along,

keeping us current,
alive in the song.

(c) 5.16.2010
Linda McGeary

Monday, September 21, 2009


(With all that has been happening with my sister's health issues and my time being taken up with that and finding a comfortable place for her, I have not had time to write. Notes only. And keeping track of her money and expenses, meds, etc. have not left time or energy for much else. This is a poem my husband, Duncan, wrote while I was down in San Francisco with my sister. It speak to me of what she is going through, what we all go through. I think it is really good.)

In change
there is fear and hope.
In change there is discomfort.

Nothing grows without change,
thought, belief, or mercy.

In change,
life is in charge,
in change I am small.

All of good grows cold,
all of the bad gets older.

In change
I am caught in the middle,
in change I am waiting.

What comes is unexpected,
or worse, suspected.

I tried to keep change
from happening,
for once too much change threw me,
and trampled me, and left me in limbo.

But change has come,
in love, and work, and play.

The change I've accepted,
and the change I have fought.

In change, I've tried a measured dose,
a time or space just right,
in change there has been overflowing,
and sometimes the running dry.

I've been a rock, a stick,
but change has flowed around me,
and I've reached out,
in rare times.

In change, I've found fulfillment,
where I expected little,
change I've tried myself,
before change was laid on me.

In change,
I've seen there is no escaping.
Just acceptance,
of all I am and all I'm not.

And yet, in change,
I am thankful,
for all the surprise
and curiosity of what's next.

In change,
I am different despite myself,
in change I have lived my life.

Duncan McGeary

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Once upon a time there were two Princesses,
Princess Rachel and Princess Riley.
They went out to play one day
and a most unusual thing happened...

They met another Princess.
She was see-through,
with wisps of cloud and sunlight for hair,
shining every color of the rainbow,
her dress a silver green swirl
of leaves from the Silver Oak.

She was Princess Breeze,
and she asked them to play with her.
Princess Breeze picked them up,
and whisked them away
from the Summer Lands in the southeast,
and carried them all the way to the lefthand coast.
All the way up, to the high, dry desert,
and down to the Giant Redwoods,
and beyond.

Princess Breeze carried them to cousins,
aunts and uncles,
family dogs and cats,
pet spiders,
(to which they said yuck, because they were on the walls and not in cages)
and a little secret room with candles
and an abalone shell for burning sage and sweet grass.

They saw big cities,
and open country, rivers, the ocean
and clouds,(Princess Breeze's cousins).
They climbed high mountain peaks,
then rushing whitewater they rafted,
with Breeze close behind.
Lava Buttes and chipmunk snoots
where all on the agenda.
But all to soon, Breeze's Mother, the Moon,
called her home from the west.

She carried them back,
Princess Rachel and Princess Riley,
to the land where the sun shines hot,
where the turtle hides
and the alligator glides
and pink flamingos dance.

Yes, she carried them home,
their bag of memories held tight
never to be forgotten.
They slept that night and day,
for it was hard play,
waking with smiles and laughter.

(c) 8.4.09
Linda McGeary
The Princesses Aunt

Monday, August 3, 2009


Conscious to be, to redeem,
find my peace, my place.

Living the Hero's dream,
feeling love shine on my face.

The release of creative flow,
finding riches within,

connect, merge, know
Divine, kith and kin.

Inner work Ocean Deep,
fearlessness out to the world.

Mansion rooms of Seashell Treasures, to keep
and give away. Peace, strength, magic swirled

together within one thing, a tether,
facing all fires, all fears.

Rising on the tide of heat, like a feather,
cresting the current of the years.

Linda McGeary

Friday, July 17, 2009


We are a flicker
of God-Fire,
never leaving
the Source -

But having
fallen asleep
we dream a
of separation
and despair.

That ... is the lie.

The truth is
and always
will be...

The Flicker is one
with the Flame.

(c) 1998