Monday, August 3, 2009


Conscious to be, to redeem,
find my peace, my place.

Living the Hero's dream,
feeling love shine on my face.

The release of creative flow,
finding riches within,

connect, merge, know
Divine, kith and kin.

Inner work Ocean Deep,
fearlessness out to the world.

Mansion rooms of Seashell Treasures, to keep
and give away. Peace, strength, magic swirled

together within one thing, a tether,
facing all fires, all fears.

Rising on the tide of heat, like a feather,
cresting the current of the years.

Linda McGeary


  1. It's a lovely poem.

    I wish you well with your blog and your literary life. It's a wise person who knows when she's happy.

  2. Hello, Linda.

    I'm returning your visit to my blog. Thank you for coming, and thank you for the lovely comment. Arriving here I see you are poet. Wonderful!

    I also see you live with a cat.

    There is another blog I am associated with which is devoted to cats. It is called Cat in the Buff.

    Please feel free to visit there, too. If you would like Calico to join the Alley Cat Walk, just make a comment on any post in her name. She will qualify then for Kitten of the Month.

    I hope to comment with you again.

    Take care.