Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Grey skies hid the summer sun
muffled quiet stilled the day
until thunder whispered far away.

Lightly the rain began to sing
as lightening cracked the sky
and darkness rumbled with a sigh.

Thumb sized pumpkin drops faster fell
dancing, leaping in joy they shook
hazing the ground with a velvet look.

Crash flash blinding light
blood pulsing to the beat
of kettledrum and splashing feet.

Sacred sounds of Summer Storm
fill thrill and spill the heart
into the action to take part.

Pounding emotion keeping pace
elemental passion wild treat
love affair with nature - complete.

(c) 7.1.95


  1. Interesting rhyme scheme.

    This line stands out for me as particularly fine:

    "blood pulsing to the beat
    of kettledrum and splashing feet."

  2. on earth did I miss these posts. I was when I was on vacation and I didn't get to visit everyone because the Internet connection was so deplorably slow....... Glad I finally woke up! Loved this one too! :-) Thumb sized pumpkin drops (ack! I love that....I know exactly what you are referring too...beautiful.)