Friday, July 10, 2009


How do we speak of the infinite?

The void where God-Mind is all - without limit.

The center of flame beyond bright,
both void and light together.

The all and the nothing.

(c) 1998


  1. Thank you Kelly,
    I've been making bookmarks for my store these past few weeks.
    Some of them with poems of mine that are short enough. This is one. The proceeds all go to a local food pantry. Like so many places these days, unemployment is high here and families are struggling to make it.
    This way I get to do something artistic and fun and my customers and I have the opportunity to help families in need.
    I will have to start writing again, as I'm running out of my favorite poems for this blogg.
    My mind hasn't been in that mode for awhile now. But going to other poets sites and reading their poems and to your site and seeing your beautiful pictures stirs me in directions.
    I appreciate you visits. There aren't alot of forums for poetry.