Thursday, April 2, 2009


Her spirit is strong and sure, but her body is failing.
Though loves are deep, the links with this earth weaken.
From a distance, the sweet sad train comes wailing.
Her longing for home, lights the way like a beacon,

down the bright path, guiding her feet to the station.
She stands, ready and eager on the platform, waiting.
Woooo, woooo, clackity-clack, joyous song of elation,

it pulls away from the station, going up over the hill
green visions of paradise, no tears, no age, no lack.
"Don't be sad," she said, "remember it is life's will.
I've sojourned long away from home, it's time I go back."

"From the windows of home I'll watch over you.
Like a golden tether cord, our love, the ties that bind,
and when you need me, I'll visit you a hundred times or two
in dreams and smiles and memories brought to mind."

The Train now gone to cloud, and passing out of sight,
carries off our loved one from our nomads tented dome
through the tunnel in mountain and cloud into brilliant light
She now resides in heart and heaven, she is happy, she is home.

(c) 4.16.01

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