Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Grandmother of our clan
you were the pinnacle of our mountain,
the high place,
the plateau upon which we rested.
You were one with vision,
and wisdom, seeing life's plan,
you shared it all with us,
your children.

your head was crowned with silver-white.
Your soft sweet face wore wrinkles,
and smiles,
and eyes that spoke, "I love you,"
and sparkled with delight.
You never choose favorites,
yet, we all thought we were.

spirit so gentle and meek,
yet, you abided with strength of a mountain,
the silent, sitting, steady, always there,
like air, strength.
Full willed and eager to seek
the answers to life,
and truth.

we honor you today,
and look deep within for the hidden gift
you left behind in flesh and bone,
heart, mind, and soul.
You said good-bye and have gone away...

strange, how you feel so close,
as if you're free to be with each of us, more fully.

(c) 4.14.01

1 comment:

  1. ...a beautiful poem...it made me think. I feel my grandmas with me all the time. If I'm worried or have a problem, I talk to them in my mind and usually feel peace right away. We honored Grandma B at the beginning of the month with an outdoor winter picnic on what would have been her birthday. Thanks for bringing her to mind this evening.