Thursday, February 5, 2009


We are intimates
with mystery and paradox.

We are double beings.
Alchemy of flesh and spirit.

We are star-born nature
and the beast in the maze.

We dance the web of life
like spiders with spiky feet.

We are a piece of the sky
and a chunk of the earth.

Linda McGeary
(c) 9.27.95


  1. We discover more and more that the earth is big and keep on to be huge, and then we discover that the earth only is a spot, just a tiny little plaything like a balloon in the endlessness.

    I'm also in Contemplation-blog and want to invite you to be one of the group member so you can contribute there if you want ...but...I cant find your e-mail so I cant send you an invitation

  2. Thanks, I would love too.