Sunday, February 1, 2009


Winter's breathless dark whisper still
Hill and home covered in winter's will

Diamonds sliding down moonbeams
Quiet slumbering earth dreams

Crystal frosted naked trees
Silent graceful dance of praise

Embracing cold powder dry
White rainbow glitter swirling by

Passionate snowflakes melting kiss
Winter's last flurry lovers bliss

Linda McGeary
(c) 3.15.96

(My poetry Muse challenged me to write a love poem to each of the seasons.
This was the winter.)


  1. My love poem to winter would be:

    Winter, thou grey-eyed killer of warmth and clover,
    I'm always glad when you're over.

    Your poem is very sweet! And I know winter is extremely important and just "is," as well..."no spring without a winter!"

  2. That's very cleaver.
    Also the way many people feel. Me too, sometimes.
    Mostly winter is good for staying in.
    But the challenge was given and I took it up. So look for the spring, summer and fall later on.