Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have woven magic into the bones of my children.

Each answer I gave was a magic thread laid down
to form an aspect of their personality.

Each experience, good or otherwise, given or allowed,
was a thread woven into the magic of emerging personhood.

What enchantments and spells are with them still?

Do they struggle against some binding line
thoughtlessly laid upon growing shoulders?

Perhaps, and I hope, most of the magic threads woven together
have been elastic enough to be reformed by them
to fit their needs and hold them in safety and comfort of being.

We parents, (Wizards and Sorceresses,) are weavers of magic,
laying our spells and enchantments deep in the bone
by nature and nurture.

May the blessing upon us be sight and wisdom
that the magic we can't help but give,
that what we have woven and weave,
will work to the highest good of them our spells touch.

Linda McGeary
(c) 9.12.95


  1. To anyonne who has helped to bring up a child or had anything to do with child-rearing, your words are pause for thought, Let us hope our enchantments were helpful.

  2. Oh I love this nice and Mom is still a weaver of magic in my life! and thanks for catching up on my poems! :)

  3. I hope too, I have to my Daughter.Beautifully told, you.