Friday, March 13, 2009


Layers of spring awake from dreaming
hill, meadow, and tree aglow in radiant gleaming,
call to the soul.

New buds burgeoning in sensual scent
perfuming sunlit breezes, shadows dim.

Seductive bird song's magic trill
blending with light, bending the will,
binding the heart.

Wrapped in fragrant luminous arms
hearing, seeing, sensing, soul to earth belongs.

Snowcapped mountains swept with light
invite communion's clear, deep sight,
one within the other.

(c) 4.5.96


  1. ...pretty, and with spring right around the corner, much anticipated!

  2. Thank you. I did jump the gun a bit. But we are having a sunny, bright, beautiful day here and I just couldn't help myself.
    Your little chickadee pictures are so cute. I love watching them, they gather around my husband doorway, at his store, in downtown Bend. Sometimes they just fill the tree in front of his window and sing.

  3. ...that's a sight I would love to see. Chickadees are probably my favorite bird. It doesn't matter where I am, when I hear them or see them, my heart speeds up!!