Saturday, March 7, 2009


White Swan flight into the night,
moon glow dazzle on wide wings.

Glitter of gold around Swan neck so bold.
Soulful beauty in Swan voice sings.

Vision of Swan shimmers, then gone.
Lost in darkness concealing.

A gift to the heart, the deeper part
and a call to the head appealing.

A death and a birth, Otherworld and Earth
come together in the kiss of wisdom.

Made new everyday to live in Love's Way,
reconciling the heart and heads kingdom.

(c) 11.2.95

I once read the Bards of old, when they preformed in palaces, before kings or villages before pauper's, they would wear a cloak of swan feathers to give their tongues flight. It was the sign of a truly great Bard to have such a cloak. I began to think of the Swan as the muse of poetry and story.


  1. ...interesting. I didn't know about the cloak of swan feathers. Beautiful poem.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    The Swan symbolized soul, love, beauty. Also the doorway to the Otherworld where inspiration is born. In Celtic tradition and legends, there are many stories about the Swan. The maiden who turn into a swan.
    We still have the saying of The "swan-song" - the last performance, work of art, or gesture made shortly before a person dies. There is a connection between the inner and the outer worlds.
    If you like fairy-tales and symbology there are a lot of connection to birds and animals.

  3. ...I all things Celtic too, especially the art. Now I know why I always see swan images repeated. Thanks!!