Friday, May 15, 2009


You came to earth, free authentic, Original Self,
fire bright, heart of gold, wild mind,
knowing soul. Eager. Playful. Curious.
Believing life Utopian, all of like kind.

Soon enough dark lightening struck.
By look or word or deed unmeant... or meant.
Cut, slash, slap, smash, indrawn breath of shock.
Small child's wounded Self shrinking into ego bent.

Stripped of glory you took up Cloak of Ash,
garment of Self forgetting, rainbows hidden in the grey,
lost to larger light and life, muffling song of joy,
fallible, falling, shattering, day by day.

Your bright way swallowed up in smoke
and ash of multi-faceted deceptions,
sleepwalking blind through heaven
holding tight to one view mispreceptions.

Clinging to those things by which you hide
from what you cannot face,
because you judge your naked truth
beyond any one's embrace.

Turn, face back the way you came...

Remember again, at your core, you are gold,
face the flame of fire's refining,
take up glory cloak with its golden lining
live life authentic, wild and free. Go Bold.

(c) 11.11.01


  1. ...beautiful...and so true. I like "at your core, you are gold," (makes me think of yoga and loving compassion towards self).

  2. The fourth stanza my absolute fav. I am loving the 'sleepwalking blind through heaven'
    Lovely, you.

  3. Hi Kelly, you have mentioned yoga a couple of times, I've never taken any classes in yoga, but I'm familiar with Centering Prayer. Silent meditation. Focusing. I know there are different forms of yoga,though.
    I believe we are gold. That loving compassion towards self and others reveals the worth of persons. The worth is always there, we just may not know it yet. For the sake of the earth and the human race, it is something we need to learn.

  4. Thank you SarahA, for your visit and your comment. I just went back to some of your first posts and read them. We've both been posting since January 09.
    I really like you style. I am also a poet without training, other than being raised on poetry and the flow and rhythm of it.
    Self made poems began to insert themselves into my life early on.
    Out of the hundred or so that have come to me, maybe a few will speak to others.
    Always a poet hope.

  5. Hi Linda, Yes...Centering Prayer, silent meditation and focusing are all part of yoga. That's probably what I'm picking up in your writings. I'm a yoga teacher. I got into yoga because of herniated disks in my neck, but became a teacher because I liked learning to still my mind and practicing loving-compassion.