Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Little glass pagoda adorning the knoll,
four broad windows illuminating soul.

Vision waits on the crest of the hill,
a lovely spot, made for simply being still.

To look, to feel ...
remember what's real.

Loved ones,
blue sky's.
Loved ones,
hearts call.

Origin of Self, star-stuff, sea-foam,
breath of life, body-spirit home.

A sacred space to wonder from and intersect.
A making place to worship in, and to connect.

Four broad windows illuminating soul,
in a little glass pagoda built on a knoll.

(c) 3.22.00


  1. ...I've been moving too fast. I need to just sit outside and be still. Lovely poem. As a yoga teacher, this poem is very apropos.

  2. 'The Devil's Keeper' the one who waits to catch the vulnerable Souls.To tell you the truth I just write what comes to me!I am a crazy/mad English Woman. You have been busy reading my 'scribbles' so you can see for yourself I am! Ha! Thank you for your kind words, you.
    I am glad you found me, so now I have the chance of being able to read you and when time is more my own I promise to return, to this place; your place and drink in your words written.

  3. See I did come back......eventually! It is funny I should come back to this exact spot too. I am loving the language of her, the whole feeling she stirs within me.
    'Origin of Self, star-stuff, sea-foam,
    breath of life, body-spirit home' Beautiful, you.

    BTW I am sorry my baby made you cry.