Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Grandfather Raven sitting in that tree
Caw, caw, cawing. Laughing at me,
working for a living.

Stupid child.
Laugh, do what you want,
fly wind,
he says.

Food from claw to beak,
what more do you seek?
Shelter for tomorrow?
Knowledge of next week?

Rise above your troubles
fly upon the wings
of little joys, and beautiful things.
In this, peace doubles,
just ask hummingbird.

Come visit me when you have more sense,
you work too much, it makes me wince.
If you choice to be wise
and grow old like me
stop chasing the dollar
and live to be free.

(c) 8.31.98

I was a flagger for the county for 7 or 8 months this year. This was a poem inspired by a huge old raven on the last day of this job. The best thing about this job was seeing the animals and birds everyday. Spending time out doors. I kept a journal with all the animals I saw.


  1. ...interesting. As I was reading it, I wondered if it had been inspired by huge Raven in a tree looking down on you and squawking! It's cool you kept a journal of your animal experiences.

  2. I love nature and working in door 8 or 10 hours a day and having other responsibilities that tend to be indoor activities made that a really fun job for me.
    But I didn't like the office politics. A few of the people were mean, and really tried to make my life miserable. I didn't smoke, I didn't drink, I didn't swear, I just didn't fit in with them and they let me know it.
    But the pay was good, and most of the people kind, so I stayed for a season. I loved the work. I could have lived with the work. I just didn't like the upsetting conflict all the time.
    They said I smiled too much. They couldn't understand what all the smiling was about.

  3. ...I smile a bit too much too (I find it unnerving to be around people who don't smile--glad you're a smiler!!).