Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My eyes were open but I couldn't see
what it meant to want what You want for me.

To know who I am and from where I have come,
to understand what I am, the total sum.

To believe in my brilliance, light living within.
To let go of smallness, and what I have been.

My eyes are open, and I begin to see
what it is to want what You want for me.

To live life more conscious of self and of You.
To acknowledge, though physical, I am spiritual too.

To accept new experience without looking back,
count the lessons, taste the joy, forget what I lack.

In my prayer I whisper, "Now I see it clear!"
And the echoes of Everlast in my quiet self I hear.

"Live to others, give yourself, like a river to the sea.
Love, Living Love, is what I made you to be!"

Linda McGeary
(c) 1.11.94

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