Monday, January 26, 2009


When You built blue-green earth,
laying foundations of wide ocean floor,
framing highest mountain peak,
hiding smallest beauties for us to seek
deep in secret recesses of stone,
along with marvels in blood and bone.
Animal kind and human mind...and so much more.
Did you laugh with joy,
seeing every aspect fit with great worth?

When You stretched out the immensity of space,
counting stars, moons, and black holes,
burying mysteries millenniums deep,
inventing such things as dreams and sleep.
Forming the child within the womb,
weaving humanity on loves loom,
the artists beauty in human souls.
Did You shout for joy,
seeing all made clothed in Your grace?

When You whispered love to wind and sea,
embracing miracle moments of living,
imbuing Self in foam, coral and sand,
molding the fish tail and human hand.
Interconnecting circles, spinning, complete,
heartbeat rhythm of drumming feet.
All of All, the All Giving.
Did you dance with joy,
seeing life perfect and love free?

Linda McGeary

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