Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Stone word came down, from head to feet.
"We want ours - plus - yours - won't be so sweet.

Rock bottom line,' said CEO, "Lay chisel to stone.
Payrolls too high. Cut to the bone!"

Front line manager sucks in the gut - tightens the belt,
does what's unfair, no matter what's felt.

"It's me or you - My job's on the line.
It's gonna be yours. Sure as hell won't be mine!"

Deaf ears turned from pleas for more hours.
The powerless can't grant to those with no powers.

Now the over fed giant stands a head taller,
crushing the little people, grinding them smaller.

Steel corporate castle gates slam resoundingly shut,
fortifying the Haves with their four-hundred percent glut.

Win. Win. Show no mercy. Take the biggest part.
Smile, and pretend, Stone Giant has a heart.

Fancy cars, bigger mansions, more money to spend.
Fine art, expensive clothes, and at 28%, money to lend.

Ever more, ever bigger success is the goal.
The Almighty Oligarchy pretending to have soul.

Linda McGeary
(c) 3.1.00

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