Friday, January 23, 2009


Mid-night treasure hunt, stony path to the quarry led.
Dancing lights rimed the wild sea, Spirit fed.

Senses heightened, salt scent, wind wet face
magical, mystical moment filled with wild grace.

The night was star dark, with moon silver shine.
Then a mystery of the deep arose, luminous, divine.

Just above the ocean froth, it hovered there,
water streaming, gleaming, glorious black Sea Bear.

Crowned with moving spikes of Northern light,
encircling, spinning rings, star sparked radiant might.

A still point moment of excitement and awe,
knowing to my core, this was primal law.

The Power that sent out and drew in,
Face to face, knowing Spirit kin.

Held entranced, I longed for, yet felt fright.
The great Sea Bear hung there, an instant, then flight,

straight toward me, with the speed of thought.
Who would have guessed, so wonderfully caught,
that I was the treasure
which Sea Bear sought.

Linda McGeary

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  1. Ooo, I like your Sea Bear poem, even the title is so evocative!

    Panga is so pretty! But it doesn't look like she suffers fools gladly!