Saturday, January 10, 2009


A world a-jumble in time and space.
A journey, a search, for a solid place
to stand, and understand.

To see and see through.
Mirror image reflecting back,
looking within, looking within.

Mindscapes transformed by
rainbow treasures.
Assimilation, accommodation
of new ideas and thoughts,
the eyes of Mythic Spirit,
to save from literalized relationships,
rigidifed beliefs.

The thread of the path goes out
into open places
not at all solid,
but liquid with change.

Discovery! Paradox!
The solid thing is change.

The soul, an elastic crucible
of knowledge and experience.
Transduced impulses, image to symbol.
Internal plight converted to story.

Courage to creativity.
Follow the thread of the Hero-path,
to where there is room for things to be
and things to happen.

Linda McGeary

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